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How does a 5K Race make a huge impact on the global movement to end breast cancer forever?  Through the fundraising efforts of every participant.

You don’t need to be a fundraising expert to be successful at it – you just need the desire to stand up to breast cancer and make a difference.  Thanks to people like you, in 2013 the Ozark Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® was able to fund $737,500 for education, screening and treatment services in Benton, Boone, Carroll, Crawford, Madison, Newton, Sebastian, and Washington AR and Stone and Taney Counties in MO.  This year we’re aiming even higher!  If every Race participant raised an average of $100 over the registration fee, the Komen Ozark Affiliate would raise an additional $1.6 Million.  Together, we can save lives!

Click here to read the 2011-2012 Community Profile 

Fundraising is easy with online fundraising tools! When you registered for the Race you automatically received your own fundraising website which can be personalized. Start now by logging in, and encouraging everyone you know to visit your site, see what you are doing in the fight against breast cancer and make a donation on your behalf. Up to 75 percent of net proceeds generated by the Affiliate stays right here in the local community! The remaining income goes to the national Susan G. Komen for the Cure Grants Program to fund research.

Every dollar makes an PROMISE – thank you for everything you do!

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"150 Club":

The "150 Club" is for those individuals that raise $150 or more. They will be awarded with incentives and prizes for raising $150, which is the average cost of a mammogram. The “150 Club” members:

Julie Adams, Tina Adcock-Thomas, Mary Alfrey, Maria Pia Arias, Zack Arnold, Sarah Ash, Michael Bagley, Patricia Barnhill, David Bates, Lynette Bauza, Shelly Bayham, Taira Bell, Steven Bennett, Roberta Billingsley, Tiffany Blankenship, Brett Borchert, Susan Bradshaw, Tara Bridwell, Rebecca Buckley, Brandon Caplena, Michelle Carter, Angela Castleberry, Jack Chavez, Marybeth Cornwell, Stacey Culotta, Susie Davis, Traci Davis, Brandi Day, Stephanie Delcarpio, Karen Dineen, Susan Dodson, Lindsay Dodson, Brandy Driggs, Jim Eden, Courtney Eder, Lisa Fancher, Johnathan Feiro, Suzanne Finstad, Jim Fishback, Cat Fraley, Reagan Fulfer, Jerry Geisler, Robert George, Marty Gilbert, Polly Gocke, Kara Gosnell, Danna Grear, Jennifer Guinn, Maureen Gulick, Susan Hagensicker, Justin Hall, Jenny Hallman, Marge Harr, Morgan Helmer, Sarah Howe, Katie Jacobs, Eric Jandorf, Amy Johnson, Weldon Johnson, Jillian Johnston, Carol Johnston, Tina Jones, Claudia Joseph, Mark Jurik, Geddon Kennedy, Katie Kidwell, Nora Kirkland, Debra Kocks, Jennifer Koester, Cindy Kolb, John Kunkel, Debra Layton, Cord Leonhardt, Kayle Leonhardt, Darlene Little, Nicholas Liu, Betty Logsdon, Brian Louis, John Mackey, Loretta Mansell, Greg Markel, Stacie McCoy, Amy McCoy, Juli McWhorter, Roxane Meltzer, Deidre Miller, Nancy Montefusco, Heather Moore, Carrie Moore, Kathleen Moran, Kellie Mullins, Caitlin Murphy, Ladonna Murphy, Tiahara Negrete, Josephy Nguyen, Cheryl Nichols, Anna Nikolish, Melissa Oregon, Susie Passmore, Jim Petty, Gary Piker, Andy Plaukovich, Justin Plymale, Laura Poynter, Jessica Pratt, Jay Pugleasa, Korey Reed, Doliza Reyes-Bibbs, Natran Rezene, Megan Robison, Caroline Rochelle, Eric Rodabaugh, Lynette Ryan, Emily Sanders, Trisha Scott, Jennifer Senter, Josh Simpson, Wendy Sorenson, Bree Spargur, Rachael Stamps, Jeff Starling, Dawn Stewart, Jonathan Stiers, Maranda Stites, Nancy Storlazzi, May Talebi, Debbie Taussig, Katherine Tooke, Mike Turner, Meredith Upchurch, Barbara Verdery, Dawn von Bechmann, Joshua Walker, Martha Walsh, Audrey Wiggins, Adriana Wilhelm, Toni Wilkie, Amber Williams, Rick Williams, Rob Winkel, Nichole Wright, and Valerie Wright.

Top Fundraising Teams overall for the 2014 Komen Ozark Race for the Cure:

  1. Walmart Stores – Field Operations Team

  2. MLK Apparel: Softlines Striders for the Cure

  3. Sam’s Club T.E.O. Division

  4. Candace’s Cure Crew

  5. Georgia’s Rack Pack

  6. Susan’s Champions

  7. Cheryl’s Crusaders

  8. Roadhogs

  9. Pink Lightning

  10. Kraft

  11. Walmart Marketing for the Cure

  12. Jenn’s Jewels

  13. 2nd Base Warriors

  14. My Brother’s Salsa Team Robin

  15. IRISH for a Cure!

  16. GPC 2nd Floor – Great Pink Convoy

  17. Tyson – Making a Difference

  18. Home Team

  19. Fresh and Furious

  20. First Security Bank

  21. Pace Industries

  22. GSS – NA Powerful in Pink

  23. Central Park Elementary

  24. SWDC – Store Planning